Family & Community Together

tutoring Programs such as The Phillis Wheatley Association offers to area schools, are often the bridge between families and schools, providing  wrap-around educational services and learning strategies for supporting children academically, socially and emotionally.


Student –Center Enrichment

The 21st  Century program is NOT an “extended School day”, the program is designed to be complimentary to your student’s school day by providing learning experiences in creative, Non-traditional, and content-rich way.


Positive Youth Development

 According to research by the National   Afterschool Alliance, student who attend 21St Century program  regularly are more likely to improve their grades, test scores and overall academic behavior. Josephine Kohler Youth Enrichment & Learning Center  provide safe, fun environment  in which student in Kindergarten trough Grade 8 develop life skills and how to become leaders in their local neighborhoods and schools.


"Distant Learning" through 21st Century Programming

Research shows that students that participate in an afterschool programs…

Increased Student Attendance: Participants are 20 percent less likely to drop out of school compared to matched nonparticipants.

Increased Parent Involvement in Academics: Forty-five percent of principals said that the after-school programs had increased parents’ attendance at school events.

Reduced Juvenile Crime: Juvenile arrests during after school hours were down 13.1% and juveniles as victims of violent crime during after school hours decreased 11.7%

Poor, inner-city communities are especially in need of after-school programs because urban youth often lack the safe parks, sports teams, clubs, and other enriching opportunities that are typically offered in middle-income and affluent communities.

Students at the greatest risk make the greatest educational (achievement) gains from out-of-school programming.



Show your support...

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Academic Recreation, Health & Wellness.

21st. Century Program Provide:

· Stem ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) themed hands on learning activities and competition.

· Targeted academic tutoring and guided homework assistance.

· Career/ College readiness*.

· Technology– based learning and      distance Learning

· Field trips, internship, and volunteer learning opportunities.*

· Daily organized Recreation and Sport Activities .

· Art and Performance  dance, drama, music lessons and Art/crafts.




Our Program’s Positive Youth Development  opportunities include:

· Substance abuse & violence prevention for children and teens.

· Developing emotional and behavior management skills.

· Character and Leadership –building activities.

· Conflict resolution

· Mentoring and Counseling resources

· Personal health and wellness and other essential life skills.

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